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A CE Construction Inspector will meet the CE Construction Project Manager at your home. Our goal is for the home owner to be present for introduction to the CE Construction production team. From this point forward, all construction will be supervised by our Project Manager. During this meeting, we'll address any special instructions or concerns you may have, such as landscape protection, decks, pools, and personal property. The Inspector and Project Manager will go over special attention areas such as existing leaks. Lastly, the Project Manager and Inspector will inventory all materials, confirm your color choices, and view the areas for safety. 


CE Construction understand that communication and customer satisfaction are synonymous, since it's virtually impossible to have one without the other. Because we realize the importance of being prepared for the arrival of our crews, we'll call the night before construction starts to inform you that the Project Manager and his crew will arrive in the morning. We'll also remind you to review the How to Prepare for Construction document and to move any autos to avoid being blocked in. Upon arrival, the Project Manager will check in with you, then the crew will prepare your home for safety and protection from damages. The Project Manager will also inform all of your neighboring home owners that construction is beginning and answer any of their concerns to put their minds at ease. 


Your Project Manager will organize the crew and point our the specifics of the job. The crew will provide protection for needed areas, such as tarps and plywood on the driveway and garage doors, etc. Your Project Manager will be placing safety cones and caution tape throughout the job site. Our intention is to prevent anyone not associated with CE Construction to remain at a safe distance due to the dangerous tools as well as falling debris within the construction areas. 

When performing multiple trade projects (roof, siding, gutters, and windows), roofing is generally first. We literally work from the top down. Safety is our utmost concern; thousands of nails as well as many other sharp and potentially dangerous materials will be removed during this process. 

"CE Construction made the whole construction process easier."

- J. Lankenau, Sioux Falls, SD.  


The first step is to remove all of the old and damaged material, making every effort to keep a clean job site. We generally strip the complete old roof before installing the new one, which is a very crucial step that allows us to do a deck inspection to insure that the nailing surface is solid.

The second step is to install the new material. Different roofing systems have different 

underlayments. The top layer is the last step and generally takes a day or two. At the end of each day of construction, we will do a clean up and after the last stage of construction, a final overall clean up will be performed. After the completion of each trade, your Project Manager will go over an inspection check list with you to make sure you're completely satisfied with every aspect of our work. 

CE Construction is a General Contractor and we can take care of many trades. We have project managers specific to each trade.



It is important that you complete an Inspection Checklist with your CE Construction Project Manager and Crew Leader to make sure nothing has been overlooked and the restoration project meets your satisfaction and our high quality standards. This acts as a confirmation that CE Construction has fulfilled our promos to you. We Want you to sign the checklist ONLY after you are completely satisfied. After completion of the job, we will mail a customer survey to receive your feedback on how the project went from start to finish. 

"CE Construction is attentive to every last details and the quality of craftsmanship is impeccable!"

- M. Johnson, Rapid City, SD.  



Your CE Construction Inspector will return with your final Workmanship Warranty. At this time, the Inspector will collect the final balance due on the project. Our goal is to provide complete customer service from the initial inspection through the post-construction review

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